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Art Direction, Website Design & Development

Their Story

Two beer lovers who made beer for themselves decided to share their passion with fellow fans of the popular beverage. They wanted to take their Alaskan variant of it across the state and came to us with a strong vigour and belief in their product. They had the product and the vision – all they needed was the right branding and packaging to get the beer flowing.

Our Story

The name “King Street” transcends borders and would sound familiar to residents of most cities. Just the way a fine glass of beer effortlessly fits into everyone’s lifestyles, we wanted to create a universal logo which would hit close to the homes of most beer enthusiasts. An easy-to-read and distinguishable street sign in a beaming shade of teal was chosen to create an inviting logo. The stylised capital K added a playful touch of royalty while the rest of the typography was kept modest and neat to keep things unpretentious and easy-going.


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