Pauline Viardot


Art Direction, Branding, Packaging Design

Their Story

Wanting to sell beauty with the beautiful, French cosmetics and toiletries brand Pauline Viardot wanted a poetic feel instilled in their branding. They wanted delicate attention to detail which would create 19th century nostalgia as well as celebrate the beauty and uniquess of the famed opera singer.

Our Story

There is something about the colour purple. Customarily regarded as the epitome of luxury, our team decided to evoke the charm of Pauline Viardot’s era by making the colour the base for all our designs. A line of products that chose the celebrated opera singer as their muse, soft florals, pastels and typography were used to match her elegance and grace. Wallpaper prints from the 19th century on the packaging helped us instill the products with the same sense of romanticism as the time when writing love letters and spraying it with one’s perfume was the norm.



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