Time Station Neo


Art Direction, Branding, Interior Design, Packaging Design

Their Story

A one stop shop for all kinds of watches, Time Station Neo had been in the business for a while. Wanting to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing cities that the shop has its presence in, Time Station Neo wanted a dynamic make-over which would show clients that it is still very much THE station for your timepiece needs.

Our Story

Ichiro Nishiwaki, an exceptionally talented interior designer from Tokyo, joined hands with us on this exciting project. For a watch specialist that hosts both cutting edge watches from its home country, Japan, as well as classics from other parts of the world, we wanted the branding to be the best of both worlds too. A combination of black and white was used to showcase the union of the old and new, the modern and the timeless. A crisp logo with both hands of a watch crossing over each other resembled the brand’s expert amalgamation of watches of all kinds. At second glance, you can almost make out a bird – because as we all know, time flies!



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